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Halloween 2022

I love the holidays. While Christmas is my absolute favorite, Halloween runs a close second. This year I celebrated it in a number of ways.  First, there was Halloween trick-or-treating at Krystal Lake Campground. Our little group had four campsites between us; unfortunately, they weren't all in a row and we had to cross a tiny field to visit with each other. We decided to leave two of the four sites undecorated and instead pooled our skeletons, spiderwebs, and lights together. When it came time for the kids to trick-or-treat, we passed out candy two by two at nearby tables. I dressed up as an old witch while Laura was an angel with her sidekick demon hubby sitting nearby.  It was someone's first Halloween camping trip. Also, you can see some of our decorations! Next on the Halloween calendar came Jimmy and Laura's annual party.  They started throwing this little get-together after Jimmy's mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. Her picture used to be on a table by itse

If the Universe Could Just Stop..That'd be Great.

 The phone call every parent with a child behind the wheel fears came yesterday morning. I was in the shower getting ready to go to work when my phone rang with KC's distinct ringtone. It's that really annoying one that yells "Your son is calling. Pick up the phone now." Given that it wasn't even 7 am yet, my heart dropped and I got out of the shower without even finishing up. I answered and there was only silence from his end. I hung up and tried calling him back. While my call was in progress, his fiance, Allie, called me. I hung up the call I was making and answered her call. I don't remember the exact order of the words but they terrified me. KC was in a bad accident. The car is totaled. While she was talking to me, he called back. I couldn't answer quickly enough. Hearing his voice was so very necessary at that moment. If he's talking to me, he's alive. He might be hurt but he's alive.   He told me his face and hand hurt. He was so upset a

It Should Be Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

I had to do the math twice. Probably because I'm really bad at math. Today should have been our 28th wedding anniversary. We only made it to 26, which is so impressive when you consider how many marriages end in divorce.  So, because I have no doubt in my mind we would have been married still today had cancer not taken him, I want to honor our special day. So, here's a Happy Should Have Been Anniversary to my hubby in heaven.  Today, as I recognize what should have been and think about what was, I figured I'd share not only some lovely pictures from our wedding day but I'd explain how this widow plans to move through October 15, 2022.  In just a little bit, I'm joining another Millington widow at a Widow's Luncheon, which is being hosted by the Amish Church in Millington. I'm a bit nervous, to be honest, because I don't know what to expect. On my best days, I consider mys