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Book Review: Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders

My Rating:  5 Stars Goodread's Average Rating:   3.78 Stars   FYI Here's how I use the five star rating feature on Goodreads : 1 star = I seriously disliked this book.  I may not have even finished it. 2 stars = Eh. This book left me feeling rather ambivalent and I'm not even sure why I read it. 3 stars = While I may not have liked everything about this book, I still found a good deal of pleasure in reading it.  I might even recommend it to a friend or family member if I think they'd enjoy it. 4 stars = Sure, there may be a few things that I found problematic, but there's so much I loved about this book that it just didn't matter!  It's characters were interesting, the plot was sound, and/or it offered me a welcome escape from reality.  I am already thinking about who else should read this book and how I can convince them of it.  It's also being added to the keeper shelf. 5 stars = I love this book.  It's heading directly to the keeper