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2020 Seniors

I only have three seniors that I've photographed this year: my nephew Mikey, my little cousin Harmony, and my best friend's niece, Jessie.  I wish I could say that I'm done editing all of their photos, but I wasn't able to focus on their pictures until after Christmas.  I spent most of the fall editing hundreds and hundreds of wedding photos. Have I mentioned that I hate photographing weddings?  Well, I do.   They require so much time!  Not only do they require you to spend anywhere from 8-12 hours photographing everything and everyone on the day of the wedding, but then you have to weed out and edit hundreds of pictures.  Even if your brides are patient and kind, which mine were, there's a lot pressure to get pictures of the big day to them as soon as possible.  Of course, high school seniors do have a couple of deadlines that I need to keep track of, too.  The first of which is the yearbook deadline.  The more photos they have to choose from at that time,

That Boy is Growing

With the holidays being past, my writing conference attended, and our Virginia trip behind us, there's nothing really left to distract me from Baby Watch 2020.   Tomorrow will mark the beginning of Week 28.   That leaves...12 weeks to go.  Wow.  Three more months and baby will be here! Mama is doing good even though she got diagnosed with gestational diabetes a week or so ago.  I was so surprised by this.  She is a tiny little thing, eats fairly healthy for a college student, and wasn't really having any major symptoms.  The only complaints she really had were early on when she kept getting dizzy spells.  I put that down to hormone changes, especially after they seemed to disappear or lessen a great deal after the first trimester.  We're doing the best we can to help her succeed with the diet she's been given.  We'll know more after next week when she attends her diabetes instructional class. We should have a better idea then of the types of foods we can