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Michigan's Inland Waterway

After having to cancel a number of plans this spring and summer thanks to the pandemic, Ken and I were so relieved to be able to actually keep our cabin reservation on Mullet Lake.  We had been looking forward to spending the weekend on the boat with our good friends, Jeff and Laura.  We had had a great time last year and knew this year would be equally wonderful.  Given the stress of the last few months, it also felt like a very necessary break from our routine. If you're not familiar with Michigan's inland waterway, it stretches from Lake Huron to Crooked Lake, which isn't too far distant from Lake Michigan.  I'm not sure if you can get to Round Lake from Crooked Lake because we've never made it past the sand bar area in Crooked Lake.  I don't believe you can navigate completely from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan, though.   The last time we rented a cabin on Mullet Lake it was back in 2006 when Phil and Beth introduced us to this trip.  That year, my cousin Jes