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Buying Books in the Digital Age

Sometime last week I read an article that made me think about my book buying habits.  The article, which can be found here , reports that "n ew research shows that frequent book buyers visit sites like Pinterest and Goodreads   regularly, but those visits fail to drive actual book purchases."  While I can't speak for anyone else, as someone who uses both   Goodreads and Pinterest, I know I contribute to the non-book-buying statistics associated with these two popular sites.   I may browse the books my friends are talking about, but I don't necessarily rush out to buy them.  The reasons vary.  First, while I can appreciate their enjoyment of a certain genre or author, I may not share their enthusiasm. Sometimes, though, I am intrigued and I have every intention of reading the book, but I'm a little short on funds at that exact moment.  This is when I add the title to my Goodreads bookshelf entitled "want-to-buy".   Take "The Physick Book of Delive

So, What's Up With Those Girls?

So, what's up with those girls? That's the question I always get whenever someone reads Fallen Angel or, in this case, the opening chapter of Taming the Wolf  (a.k.a. book #2).  It's a reasonable question. It's apparent there's something about those three children that is central to the overarching storyline. I'm certainly convinced of it and I'm glad my readers have picked up on their importance.  Yet, the expectations associated with that awareness freaks me out.  Why?  Well, I'm not really able to articulate why they're so important to the story.  I know they each have a major role to play.  I've labeled them in my mind as the scholar, the hunter, and the spiritual center.  I know they stop Armageddon from occurring (or do they?  Maybe I should let Armageddon detonate on the page and see where things go from there...). That's where my knowledge stops, though, and that's my problem.   In short, I didn't plan the series o

The Plight of the Untied Shoelaces

It never fails.  Seriously.  This happens at every single game.   Just thought I'd share. 

A Little Free Time on My Hands

It's an odd phrase: free time.  Yet, that's how this weekend has felt, full of time I am free to do whatever I please. Technically, it's not true.  Our youngest boy had basketball practice this morning, which meant we were out of bed and somewhat motivated by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.  Okay, Ken was motivated.  I was snuggling on the couch with the boy right up until it was time for him to throw on some gym clothes, brush his teeth, and grab his new basketball shoes on his way out the door. Then we had plans to visit my uncle in the hospital.  That took about four hours out of our day.  The drive up, visiting, and the drive home.  Luckily the visit went very well and my uncle should be coming home within the next day or two.  He had us all quite nervous there yesterday, but within a few short hours he did a 180 and was on the road to wellness.  I should say he's as well as a diabetic on dialysis three times a week can be.   Yet, despite the basketball obligation and the

Saying Goodbye to 2012 and Hello to 2013

I have to give 2012 some credit.  It totally outdid 2011.  It was, by far, a much better year all the way around. In honor of the fond memories I have of 2012, here are some collages I created using Picasa .  Looking back through these pictures, I realize we've had yet another busy year.  Here's to 2013 being even better!