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My Latest Addiction

I've always enjoyed playing video games.  I remember fighting with my brothers for my fair share of playing time with our rather limited Atari collection.  I don't even remember the games.  PacMan, maybe.  Space Invaders.  Centipede.  Pong. I don't quite remember the year we got the Atari system, but I'm thinking I had to have been anywhere between ten and thirteen.  In my memories, my brothers are young.   They're sitting in the dining room, chairs in front of the small tv my dad had let us hook the thing up to.  The big TV in the living room was reserved for his viewing pleasure.   At least, these are what my rather diminished memories recall.  My brother, BJ, has an elephant's memory and can likely paint a more complete picture, but I'm not about to call him and ask.  We'll just go with I was young and we had a small collection of games we all like to play. Not my photo.  Click here to go to original location on the web. As we grew and

Reading Goals for 2016

Yes, it's another post about books! The only people who won't find this dreadfully boring are the other book lovers out there.  Although, let's be honest, they might be bored by this, too, because I'm going to be talking about my reading goals and not theirs.   Oh well and onward... I've got a couple of different reading goals this year that will all feed into meeting my overall Goodreads goal, which is to read 75 books in 2016.  I'm rather impressed with the fact that it's not even a full week into 2016 and I already have two books counted toward this goal (arguably four as one of the texts was a three-in-one deal that contained an entire trilogy, but whatever).  2016 Reading Challenge Krista has read 2 books toward her goal of 75 books. hide 2 of 75 (2%) view books So there's the overall goal.  Seventy-five books. The other reading goals that I've set for