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Our Growing Family

It's been some time since I've updated the blog.  After Gage graduated high school, we had a few notable things happen, but the most significant and exciting is that K.C., my 21-year-old, is going to be a daddy next spring. Well, technically he's already a daddy because mama is 15 weeks along.  Just a couple of days ago we found out that the little peanut is a boy.  We did a reveal party and everything.  With a week's notice!  We bought decorations, figured out a menu, cleaned and decorated our basement, and set up a FB event for invited friends and family.  It was rushed, but it still turned out surprisingly well. Look how cute!   These two had no idea what their little bundle of joy was going to be.  Daddy was hoping for a girl and I think mommy still had a secret desire for a boy even though the rest of us nearly had her convinced it was going to be a pink, pink, pink. The only people who knew the truth of the matter were Gage and Bre, Allie's be