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My Alter Ego

I've gone back and forth on linking my real identity with my alter-ego's.  The reasons aren't complicated.  I'm afraid that my self-published titles could someday hinder my chances of selling to a traditional publisher. I'm also afraid that the types of books I've published under the pseudonym would be problematic when I get around to shopping out my fantasy novels; I fear being pigeon-holed.

Okay, and if I'm being really honest, in the beginning I might have been afraid that the self-published book would get terrible reviews (paranoid much...yes), and those terrible reviews would further damage my future publishing chances. This fear has been lessened.  While not everyone has raved about the book, the response has been favorable.  Small in scale, but favorable.  As I write this post, Amazon shows 4.5 out of 5 stars; granted only five reviews account for this.  Yet, through Amazon's KDP program I've sold quite a few copies and given away over 3000 freebies.  I'm still selling in small single digit numbers almost every month.  

The book also has a few reviews on Goodreads.  Over there it's getting 3.83 out of 5 stars.  Not quite as glowing as Amazon, but there are more people responding.  Not a lot of people, mind you.  Just a few.  Right now, I see a whopping twelve ratings and three reviews. 

I'm not surprised at the low numbers.  I can admit I'm a terrible self-promoter.  T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!!

Not that I didn't try.  I created a blog, a new e-mail address, and a Facebook account for the pseudonym.  The problem is that I'm terrible about updating the social media sites and I'm even worse at checking the e-mail account. (I should probably do that today, now that I think about it.)

For this reason, I've decided it's really pointless for me to keep the two separate.  I can hardly keep my blog updated, let alone try to come up with content for another one.  Also, by separating the two and being focused on the alter-ego's next book, it doesn't give me a lot of opportunities to share my writing with this audience.  And this is where I have an audience, small as it may be. 

For all these reasons, let me officially introduce you to Regina Sherman and her first self-published book: 

Me & Dexter the Difficult
Amazon  |  Goodreads
Whew...the secret is out and I feel better for it!


  1. ZOMGWTFBBQ I totally read your book and it was FABULOUS!!! hahahaha how cool!!!!

  2. You just made my day, Cylithria. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!


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