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Which Science Fiction Writer Am I?

I am: Robert A. Heinlein Beginning with technological action stories and progressing to epics with religious overtones, this take-no-prisoners writer racked up some huge sales numbers. Which science fiction writer are you?

Fixed & a Meme.

Ah ha! So I deleted all my cookies, temporary Internet files, and my history. I logged out of gmail and logged into Blogger fresh instead of allowing it to auto-log me in. Finally Blogger decided I had earned the right to type into the message field. I feel so privileged! LOL Wish I would have thought to do that over the weekend. I would have been able to post this meme when I wanted to on Friday. Womens Fiction Book Meme 1. Contemporary, Historical, or Paranormal? I use to love historical romances but now I'm more into paranormal. Although, I'm not real big on vampire romances, which is weird because I love vampires. Guess I just like mine mean and scary and staked. 2. Hardback or Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback? Mass Market. I'll buy trade but I'm never happy shelling out an extra couple bucks for them. As for hardback...yeah, I'm too cheap. 3. Heyer or Austen? Since I don't even know who Heyer is, I'll have to go with Austen. At le


Seriously...I have nothing of interest to share. No big writing news. No update on the kidlet . No family drama to report (I believe most of that has passed and less painfully than I had imagined). All in all things are pretty mundane. Call me boring. I really don't mind. Boring means peaceful and I like peaceful. The most stressful thing I have to deal with right now is taking the kidlet back and forth to the tutor, getting up for Saturday basketball practices, and doing my homework. Oh, and housework. Can't forget that..although, honestly the hubby has been his usual stellar self and helping out tremendously. Wait. I lie. There is something kind of big going on in the family. My nephew is scheduled for surgery next Monday. He's about six months old and has an abscessed cyst in a rather delicate area. They've been treating it with antibiotics and such but nothing really seems to be helping. If I understand my sister correctly they were trying to avoid surgery but it&#

Three Stories Pending Acceptance

Today's lunch break brings you the very uninteresting announcement that I managed to turn in three short stories to the University's annual Critical and Creative Writing Conference for consideration. Two of them were written in my last class--Advanced Creative Writing. The other is far older and far less likely to make it past the first round of reading. I figure the judges won't be very receptive to genre pieces. The Bargain, my one rebelliously submitted genre peice, is told from an elf's point-of-view. If that's not bad enough, she's talking to a dragon through most of the story. Yeah, they're never going to go for that one! LOL So why did I submit it? Well, it's probably as well written, perhaps even more so, than the other two. More than that, though, I find the story more compelling than either of the other contemporary pieces I submitted. I imagine one of the other stories might have a chance, though. They seemed to do pretty well when I had to pr


First, Blogger hates me. It's acting flaky, which means I'll be lucky if this post makes past the draft stage. Okay, now that that's out of the way, I can babble on about the actual subject of this little update. I wish I were giving you a list of great reading referrals, but that must wait for another day. I'm actually dropping in to let you, my few loyal readers, know what's up with the kiddo. We're in the process of getting a referral. The first one stunk (should that be stank?). The doctor's office set up an appointment with a therapist..not a psychologist like we were told. The hubby promptly canceled that appointment. Sorry to be a pain, dear scheduler, but we're not settling for second best here. Not when it comes to the kidlet. I ended up doing a little digging on my own and found the place we want him tested. I figured they would take our insurance because, hello!, we work for them! An evaluation by a highly qualified doctor at one of


Work has been insane this week. Not a surprise when you consider it's the first week of class. Students are scrambling to get into this course or that course, no one can find their classroom, faculty are making some final touches on their syllabi or other handouts, and the phones ring off the hook. Familiar chaos but still chaos. From the student perspective, I had my first class today and, ooohh, I think I'm gonna like it! I'm still trying to figure out how to do the first assignment, though. Don't want to appear to be a massive overachiever, which you know I am. Still there are appearances to think of. Hmm. What's a girl to do? Allow my A.D.D. to show through.. On a non-University related note, I got a note from my 3rd grader's teacher today. She thinks we need to discuss the little man's schooling. While she admits he's improving, she's afraid it's just not enough. I wish I could disagree with her. It's much easier to take the frustrat

The Cat's Gone Missing

If you happen to see our Heidi-Cat, please send her home. My husband last remembers seeing her on Christmas morning. She's an outside cat but she scratches at the porch door every morning to get fed and has never disappeared for more than a day or two. We're beginning to fear the worst. Yes, the picture is over a year old, but it was the best one I have of her!

Back to Real Life

Well, it's the first week back to work after the holidays. Everything I left waiting was still there when I unlocked the door and flipped on the lights. Darn it all! I think the budget pile actually managed to grow. Not to mention the week's worth of mail I found stuffed in my mailbox, most of which I actually had to keep and will require my attention. There is a silver lining, though. The new marketing representative for my office started work this week. Her name is Tammy. She's very nice and seems to be eager to jump right in. Thank goodness. I hope she fits half as well as I suspect she will. Oh, and I spent $100 on textbooks this week. I'm taking History of the British Isles to 1600. I'm actually looking forward to it. Yes, I'm a geek. A nerd. I can live with that. I really think I'll find this class helpful when it comes time to get busy on the historical romance I'm writing with my sister because the Black Death should be covered. Not to mention th