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An Indie Review: Izared, Queen of the Elephant Riders

I'm a compulsive buyer when it comes to Amazon's  Best 100 free e-books.  I check weekly  daily to see if anything appeals. Given my rather eclectic reading habits, something usually catches my eye and ends up in my shopping cart.  For this reason, I have added more freebies to my account than I will ever be able to read.  However, that doesn't mean I won't read any of them.   This year I'm going to make more of an effort, though, to read some of these self-published freebies. As an indie author myself, I want to support my fellow writers who are putting their art out there for consumption without the aid of agents, editors, or a well-established publishing house with marketing funds.   This is my first Indie review of 2015.  It will not be the last.  Book Info: Title:  Izared, Queen of the Elephant Riders Author: L. Leander Author's Website: h ttp:// Author's Facebook Account:

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