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I'm a Grammy!

He has arrived and he is perfect!

Our Stay Home, Stay Safe Experience

Despite the sun shining and the warming temperatures, there are days when I feel as if I've stepped out of the real world and into an alternate reality, a version of our world with a slightly more dystopian setting.  University and college courses have all gone online.  K-12 schools have been cancelled for the remainder of the school year.  Restaurants and bars have been shut down unless they can provide a walk-in/walk-out food service.  Small businesses have shut their doors, laying off employees until the world rights itself.  Social gatherings of any size and for any reason have been banned by handful of governors across the nation and its expected more will follow suit. Birthday parties: cancelled.  Retirement parties: cancelled.  Bridal showers: cancelled. Friday night card games with friends: cancelled Bachelorette and bachelor parties: cancelled.  Weddings: cancelled. Baby showers: cancelled. That last one hits close to home.  This coming Sunday we wer