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Showing posts from July, 2003
Writing Well, I've been doing more editing than writing but I guess it all falls under the same heading. One way or another I am writing. It's slow going not because I can't find the words, it's going slow because RL keeps interfering. The $$ job has been demanding all of my attention during the lunch time I just can't stand to look at the computer screen so I find a good book to read instead. Not productive but it saves on the headaches. At home there are the usual culprits: kids, housework, kids, husband, kids, dog, kids, and did I mention the kids? As for what little I've accomplished I'm very happy with it. The edits are adding depth and strength. Balancing action with backstory has been the biggest challenge. I'm afraid of info-dumping on the reader. Yet, on the other hand, I'm afraid lack of backstory will leave them bewildered and confused. So in goes bits and pieces of backstory and I'm stuck here crossing my
Time for a face-lift once again. I really did not like the previous template I had selected. I was just too lazy to bother with changing it. I hope you like this one as much as I do. It's simple. I like simple.
Well, well, well. It seems the network isn't going to let me initiate the one program I need to do my job today. The email requests in my inbox are going to have to wait (possibly quite some time) for an answer. To bad I can't use this down time to work on the WIP. Unfortunately I left the disk at home because I was certain it would be pointless to bring it along. Today should be busy! I expected to be wading my way through classroom requests, not sitting here twidling my thumbs. I could always take a stab at writing the first chapter of my murder/mystery/thriller. I know something about the characters but not much about the plot. That could be problematic. Perhaps I should write out a list of potential scenes first. Gah. I don't know. I'm not ready to write this's still perculating. What does that leave? Games. Chat. Daily writing exercise--haven't done that in a while. What I really want to do, I can't. What I must d