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Poor Little Doggie

The dog and I both had dentist appointments yesterday for teeth cleanings.  While my appointment turned up a crack in a couple of old cavities, one of which will require a crown (ouch!), I was at least able to walk out of my appointment without feeling miserable.  Not so for this little fella.. Cash's cleaning turned into a tooth-pulling frenzy.  He lost a total of fifteen (15!!) teeth yesterday.  The rot was so advanced in some of the teeth that an infection had spread throughout his little mouth and into his blood stream.  If we wouldn't have taken him in to the vet for this cleaning, we may have lost him.  According to the vet, the infection would have eventually worked its way to his heart and given him a heart attack. For the next five days he's on a liquid only diet of chicken noodle soup and water; he is not happy about this decision and is convinced he's starving to death.  There is a lot of whining and pacing back in forth in front of the closet where


This is our Brittany. She's been with us since the summer of 1995.  We were vacationing "up north" the summer after our wedding and found a box full of puppies outside the local grocery store.  She was so tiny then.  And so shy.  And we just had to bring her home with us. Three years later, she could no longer count herself the baby of the family.  She had been overthrown by a dark-haired crying thing that she really didn't like.  It took a long time for her to quit pouting. Eventually she came to like and even love our first born, especially when he could start playing with her.  Of course, as the family dog, she also found herself enduring things like this... Of course, this doesn't happen all that much anymore.  She's too old to be used as a pillow.  It's obvious when she walks that things hurt.  I'm not sure how much longer we'll have her with us.  All I know is that my boys are going to be heartbroken when she's gone

Halloween 2011

It was a beautiful night for trick-or-treating. No rain, no snow. Instead, we had moderate temperatures and clear skies. A light jacket was enough to keep the chill off. Before walking around town, though, we made a detour to Grandma & Grandpa's house. For the first time I can remember, both boys let me paint their faces. I got quite a kick out of it despite the time limits I was given. Our last taste of Halloween came just last night, almost a week after the official holiday.  This time mom and dad dressed up, too! And the boys opted for the quick-and-easy costumes from years past instead of suffering through another face-washing ordeal.


You know, all things considered, work hasn't been bad.  In some ways, it's even been a blessing.  It's forced me to continue the business of everyday life.  Get out of bed, shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup.  One foot in front of the other until I'm out the door and on my way.  It's provided routine and familiarity in a time of great sorrow and high anxiety. That being said, thank goodness it's Friday!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  Sure, there's a certain house that I know needs cleaning and the laundry will NEVER be caught up, but I get to sleep in.  I may have overdue homework to finish and new assignments to begin, but that's okay because I get to sleep in!  Oh, how I love a few extra hours with my pillows and blankets. It's what makes Saturdays and Sundays so precious. Other plans this weekend include an After-Halloween party.  We declined invitations to several other festive gatherings this year because it didn&