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Busy, busy!

There are three time-sucking, energy-consuming, blog-interfering things going on right now. School Wrestling Basketball Three little words that seem rather unassuming on the page. Yet, believe me when I say, these three things are pretty much in control of my life at the moment. First, there's school. I'm only registered for one class this semester, but, like any other graduate course I've taken, it's reading-intensive. If we're not plowing through a novel in a week, we're reading and commenting on a collection of articles. On the upside, the topic of the course, which is multi-cultural American literature, is very interesting. If I only had to worry about my schoolwork, I might not be quite so high strung. But, I also have to worry about my boys' schoolwork. Their report cards left much to be desired, so we're really cracking down on them this marking period. No computers. No video games. We're also going to attempt bribery by assigning mon