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Someday They'll Appreciate the Mama-razzi in Me

Tonight on the way home from basketball practice my oldest gave me a little bit of insight into 14-year-old boy logic.  It's not quite as scary as it sounds.  Nothing traumatic or worrisome.  Nothing to do with S-E-X, thank God.  At this age, we'll leave those discussions to his dad, thank you very much.  Instead he told me why refuses to go sit with his friends whenever we happen to be around. Let me explain.  He's in Freshman basketball.  His games are early.  Most of them are scheduled for 4:30 in the afternoon.  Most of the time we hurry home after his games.  However, there have been several instances when we've stuck around to watch the JV team play.  When we stay my boy stays pretty close to mom and dad.  Once he's conned us out of every last dollar for the concession stand and I figure we're no longer an absolute necessity, I try to encourage him to go sit with the other kids, especially if it's a home game.  He refuses.  Now, I always thou