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So, have you heard? We're going to die! Seriously, there's this asteroid circling the sun and there's a remote chance it could orbit right into Earth. Here's a quote from CNN regarding the 1.2 mile wide rock, "NASA's Near Earth Object program gives the asteroid a rating of "0" on the Torino impact hazard scale — within a range of "events meriting careful monitoring," but not concern. " Now here's how this Torino scale works.... A risk-assessment scale, similar to the Richter scale used for earthquakes, will assign values to celestial objects moving near Earth. The scale will run from zero to 10. An object with a value of zero or one will have virtually no chance of causing damage on Earth; a 10 means a certain global climatic catastrophe. (Taken from NASA's Neo Program Website ) So, while it might be bit worrisome, I wouldn't panic just yet.
Well, my trip to the library was a raging success! I had a list of 23 titles and I didn't even make it all the way through the database system. Of those 23 titles, I checked out ten books. I could have checked out more--there's no limit on what faculty or staff can borrow--but I'm a weakling really and couldn't have carried any more books. Maybe I should do some bodybuilding excercises so next time I can take as many as I need. I started taking notes on ancient Egypt last night. Don't know if I'll use any of it for my BN novel but it may spark something in my imagination and lead me to new and exciting places. Had my yearly review at work today. It went well. I still have a job and that's good. Now I just need to get a raise and all will be well in my world. Tonight's going to be incredibly busy. Work until 5:00, go to my mom's for dinner, attend "Totally Tags"--a scrapbook class--, and then come home and try to get
Good morning! I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. For shame, for shame. I'm so bad. I need to get to the library today. Told myself I was going yesterday but, for some reason, my body refused to listen to my mind and I never made it. Figures. I'm so lazy. Ancient Egypt is the flavor of the day. I don't really care too much about their politics. I want the daily life sort of stuff. Considering I have access to the University's Library (one of the perks for working here), I should be able to find something to fit my needs. I should do a database search before I leave my office. That should make finding the books and checking them out much quicker.
Rewrite of Dragonborn is progressing slowly. I have two chapters down. Only a couple dozen more to go. :-) My BN novel, currently entitled Through a Dragon's Eye , which I'm not real happy with, is still in its developmental stages. I've posted my premise and I've gotten a couple of responses. The general consensus is the worldbuilding is a bit thin. It's abysmal actually. I haven't done much of anything in this realm besides name cat-people, dragons, humans, and elementals. I've not even established in my own mind what kind of religions, customs, or governmental hierarchies exist. I'm waiting because this is one of the upcoming exercises in the class and I don't want to get ahead. But, boy, oh boy, is it killing me!