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2019 Book Goals: January 2019 Update

Main Reading Goals Update: January is always a good reading month.  I think it's because the holidays are over and the demands on my time really ease up.  That or I simply find the new year to be invigorating and throw myself into reading with a renewed gusto.  Whatever the reason may be, I managed to read eleven books in the first few weeks of 2019.  (As I write this, there's a very real possibility that I will finish at least one more book, but I'll just throw that on the February list if necessary.) Picking a favorite this month is difficult.  I enjoyed a number of these books.  If pressed, though, I guess I'd have to say that as much as Firefly filled me with warm fuzzies and I hope that the series continues, I think I'd have to say that Strange the Dreamer was the best read of January.  I plan on adding the sequel to my February TBR - thank goodness the library has it available in Kindle! That really was harder than you'd think.  I read a lot of goo