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Showing posts from May, 2003
Things have considerably calmed down here at work. I have a new project to work on but it's going to make my job so much better, I'm all for it! If anything can help make the work I've been doing manageable, it should be this program. It was designed with my job duties in mind and should reduce the hours of pouring over classrooms schedules. (Please say a prayer for me. I really NEED this to work.) As for writing, I've been working on A Secret Well Kept on and off for the last several weeks. I got about a hundred pages into the thing (that would be about 6 completed chapters) and decided it was time for some feedback. Things didn't feel right, although I was more than passing happy with the writing. Yep, strange, I know. But the cold, hard fact is I have faith I can write, it's the storytelling part that gets me. Putting the words together can be a struggle but it's the story that worries me. Seems I had reason to be concerned. Taking criti