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The Gifts of Imperfection - A Reader's Response

I recently finished  BrenĂ© Brown 's book, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.   I was drawn to the book because of these two Ted Talks. Go ahead and watch them.  I'll wait. I've watched those two videos multiple times. I find Brene a charming and authentic storyteller.  As her talk moves from the academic to the personal, as she lets the audience into the vulnerable areas of her life, I am amazed at her courage.  I don't think I could stand in front of an auditorium full of strangers and admit I had a breakdown spiritual awakening.  Fear of being judged, of being vulnerable to attack, would prevent me from admitting such a personal weakness.  Yet, Brene does so with humor and grace. She appears powerful, not weak.  Her time on stage is riveting because her revelation brings with it keen insights into the human condition. Her talks left me wanting to know more about the power of vulnerabil

Travel Bucket List

I've split this into two categories - Travel Abroad and Travel within the US. I figure the destinations in the latter category are, for the most part, doable.  The hubby and I love to travel, but our pocket book only allows us to do so much.   Travel Abroad 1.  Egypt This is why it's at the top of the bucket list: it's the one trip I fear I will never take.  Given the political climate there, it's a little too dangerous for my liking.  However, I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt and would love, love, love to visit some of the historical landmarks that make that country so famous. 2.  England / Scotland / Wales I'm lumping these together because I have this idea that visiting all three would be possible if we gave ourselves enough time.  I'd want to rent a car and drive from the big cities, like London, to the more rural areas.  I'd want to see as many castles as possible and perhaps indulge in a guided tour or two.  3.  Ireland Again, t

I Think I'll Just Ramble A Bit...and Call it a Blog Post

It's been awhile.  I haven't really been able to come up with any riveting topics, so I've pretty much been in avoidance mode. We're in the process of planning our summer.  Vacations of varying length have been scheduled or are being discussed. Other than Myrtle Beach, all of these trips will take place in our home state because it's expensive to pull that camper too far!  Although, one of our yet-to-be-finalized trips will take us on a nice 8-9 hour journey.  That is, if the trip gets finalized before all our weekends are booked elsewhere.   Let's see.  We have two open houses that I know of so far.  A concert to attend.  Motor City ComicCon to marvel at; although that's in May, so maybe it doesn't count in the summer tally.   Of course, I have yet to buy the tickets for those last two events.   Image courtesy of Motor City Comic Con. Image courtesy of Def Leppard I really want to do both this summer.  I've always wanted