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I really don't feel like sticking to one topic today, thus, you get random ramblings.  Lucky you! First, I should point out that my oldest child just turned fourteen.  Fourteen, people!  How did that happen?  I'm pretty sure he should still be toddling around my house in diapers, not texting his girlfriend from his new birthday present.  Oh, yes, we caved and got him a Boost mobile phone, but not without the express understanding that one, he will be helping to pay for it by giving us his monthly chore money, and two that it will be taken away with the first appearance of a D or E on the parent portal grading system.  So, yes, it's already back in our possession.  He had it for one weekend - his birthday weekend.  He has two grades to bring up before it will be returned to his anxious little hands. He thinks he's dying without it, but we're pretty sure he'll survive.  In other child-related news, both boys are done with basketball.  We have a bit of a br