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Poor Aunt Kellie

With children in different sports, it's not always easy to make sure everyone gets to where they're supposed to be. You know that saying "it takes a village to raise a child"?  Well, sometimes it takes a village to get a child to wrestling practice, especially when his parents are busy watching his brother's basketball games. We've had to ask favors of friends and family alike during the wrestling/basketball season.  This particular night is was Aunt Kellie to the rescue.  She volunteered to pick Gage up from school and take him home with her.  He was excited because he'd get to play with his cousins before practice, something he's certain doesn't happen with near enough frequency. When she got to the school to pick him up she noticed something was missing, though.  His wrestling bag.  "It's at home," he told her in a rather matter-of-fact voice, as he wriggled into the backseat of her suburban with his four cousins. Knowing he

Rinse & Repeat

Last night - or was it the night before - my husband commented on my frequent blog absences.  I wasn't aware that he read the blog, but the comment got me thinking.  Why are my blog absences becoming more and more frequent?  Have I run out of interesting things to say?  Did I ever have anything interesting to say in the first place? Or is it because I feel like I'd simply be posting the same thing over and over again. Went to work today. Picked up child from practice and/or watched child's game Ate dinner Watched tv Helped children with homework (if they remembered to bring it home) Did some homework of my own Threw in a load of laundry and/or did dishes Read a bit before bed Rinse and repeat. And that's kind of boring, isn't it?

Kindle, e-books, and this consumer.

So, I got a Kindle for Christmas. It's been a little over a month now, so I've had plenty of time to form an opinion. Mind you, this is the opinion of one consumer. Not a hopeful writer. A consumer. I feel the need to clarify that up front. Although I am confident that there will always be room in my life - if not on my bookshelves - for paperback novels, I must admit I am a fan of the e-book. Oh, I was resistant at first. As much as I love technology, I am a little bit in love with the feel of a book in my hand. The glossy cover, the smell of the pages - old or new - and the weight of the words on my fingers and palms will always hold a little bit of magic for me. Yet, as some of my friends began venturing out into the e-publishing world, I found myself frustrated by the limitations of their chosen venue. Sure, I could read the stories on my computer, but sometimes that's just not convenient or comfy. Reading in bed at night, it's easy enough to lay aside the

Snowy Days at Home

If I had to guess, I'd say we got between 8-12 inches of snow from the big storm. Since the University and the boys' schools were closed, we didn't have to venture out onto slushy, snowy, and icy roads. Instead, we pulled on our snow boots and pants, found some hats and gloves in the hall closet, and did some shoveling. Well, the boys and I shoveled. As you can see, the hubby used his quad to plow the driveway and a dog run. Before I rushed back into the house to warm my frozen cheeks, I tried to do a self-portrait with my favorite little dog. Of course, he refused to cooperate.