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Recommendations for the Reluctant Pre-teen Reader

My cousin asked for some reading recommendations for her pre-teen daughter today.  It seems this girl child will pick up a comic book or a graphic novel but wants nothing to do with chapter books.  Oh, how I remember these days!  My boys did the same thing to me.  They hated reading and it about killed me. I mean, seriously, I read ALL THE TIME.  I put one book down and have to go find my next read.  It's compulsive.  So...being a reader that has given birth to non-readers is it's own special kind of sorrow. I don't know that any of my recommendations will ignite a reading frenzy in my cousin's daughter, but I hope something in this list of books will appeal to her. The Recommendations First and foremost, when I think of pre-teen girls and reading, I think of Anne of Green Gables. I read this book and others in the series to my younger sisters when they were just about my little cousin's age.  We adored these books.  Anne is funny and smart and quite