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Trying something different today...hopefully this won't look too funny. Update: Dragonborn Finished a couple more necessary chapters to tie together some loose strings. I think they work. Won't really know, I guess, until I do the rewrite. In my mind I have two possibly three more chapters to write. Then I'll be done with Book 1 of the Dragonborn Series. ~doing a happy dance~ Personal Crap: Had a wonderful vacation. It was great seeing my sisters and my nephew. It should be against the law for siblings to move out of state. When they have babies we miss so much of their lives and it's just not fair. Ok, done whining. Distressing News: I think my video camera has died a final, sad death. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to move the scenes with Keagan (rarely seen nephew) or KC playing soccer to a tape, which means I likely lost it for good. So bummed. Wanted to cry. Haven't yet. Guess there's still hope until the hubby says oth
Dragonborn Update: I've been struggling with this chapter all day! Uggg. The words just don't want to come. I know what needs to happen. I can even see it happening, ever so slowly! I've also discovered how I can draw Danken and Ghislaine together. It's going to take a bit of rewriting but not as much as it could have... Now...I just have to get back to Ryalla and Laralei, Rance and Gwenydln. All in one chapter I think. I just have to decide whose POV to write. Other News (Non-Writing): Last day of work for the week! And it's only Wednesday! I love vacations, no matter how mini they may be. Five days of relaxation, fun, and good company. I've been praying for a safe trip. I'm always nervous about leaving the boys, no matter how good the hands are they're left in.
Dragonborn Update: The end is soooo close! I can see it. Truly, I can. It's hovering just over there, almost within reach. And I will be able to reach it so very soon! Let's see ...yesterday I killed the Prime Mage, set up the fall of the Hall of Magic. And Ghislaine is keeping the baby. So, what to do on the story today? Send Pit and Nik after Edric...and if I get that scene done, move on to Luke's rescue. And I think I know exactly where I'm ending this book, which is always nice to know.
Dragonborn Update: Things are progressing. I've gotten quite a bit done. Danken, Ghislaine, and Sahara have been successfully reunited. The Hall of Magic is under attack by the wizards and nongifted armies. Now I just need to update the reader on Ryalla, Laralei, Gwyendln and Rance. The relationship between Danken and Ghislaine isn't developing as I had expected. If I rush them into falling in love, I think the reader is going to feel cheated. So, I don't think this is a true love story, after all. I still think it's a damn good story, though. The survival theme is still going strong, which is really the key. Unfortunate News: I forgot the ZIP disk at home. That means I won't be working on the story today. Highway Robbery: I was going to order a couple of Holly Lisle's books off Amazon. The prices were great right up until I got to shipping. Blah! I cancelled the order and decided a trip to Border's was a much better option. I j
Holy cow...I have no motivation. I need to get writing. Now. Today. Yesterday. That self-inflicted deadline is fast approaching and I'm going to be irritated as hell with myself when it arrives and I'm still working on this story. So? What to do? Well, stop browsing the net would be a good place to start. I need to ban myself from Holly's Lisle's Forward Motion and the chat room. I can talk to everyone later...after I've finished this first draft. today's goal: 1500 in less than an hour. It's 4:06 pm and I leave at 5:00. Wish me luck!
Been a couple of days since I've posted... I've given myself a new deadline. I want the first draft of Dragonborn: The Beginning done by May 22nd. That gives me roughly two and a half weeks to get this done! Ouch. Guess I should get busy and write something. Bye!