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My Oldest

As you know, I've been scanning in old pictures and marveling at the tender wrinkles in infant skin and the chubbiness of little cheeks. My last post showed how much my baby has grown over the last 9 years. Now it's my oldest baby's turn. (Don't tell him I referred to him as my baby...he's too old and cool for such monikers, dont' you know.) It's simply shocking to compare these two pictures and know the child is the same in both. Where has the time gone?! My precious baby is becoming a teenager! A teenager. You know, one of those moody, snarky creatures that seems determined to have the last word on EVERYTHING, that's what my boy is becoming. Instead of riding his tricycle, he's getting his ORV and watercraft licenses. It's sheer madness. And I know the years are only going to go by faster the older my boys get. Watching them grow into admirable young men (most of the time) makes me so proud, but there are definitely times I wish the cloc


I've been wandering down memory lane. I've spent hours staring at pictures of little faces so familiar they make my heart ping in remembrance of baby drool, late night rocking, and alphabet singing. Little faces that have changed so much in a few short years. That's my baby. My last born. No more than a few weeks old if those fingers and that hair can be trusted. Aww. Just a few months older. Still a baby by anyone's standards. And there he is with his big brother and his daddy. Crawling his way towards one. A toddler now. I can tell by the background, that little bit of carpet and trim, that we've moved into the new house. I don't even know what to say about this one. I remember those footie pajamas, though. They came in all different colors and sizes and they littered my laundry for years and years... Bigger yet? Maybe the same age. I might have posted this one just because they're all so happy! I love their happiness. Their shrieks of laughte

Keeping Busy

This shouldn't be surprising when you consider it's the beginning of a new school year. We've got homework for the children and adults alike, football practice, games on the weekend, evening classes once a week for Mom, a bowling night for Dad, and a yard and house to manage. Lots to keep us busy. Of course, none of these things are without their challenges. Although it's only the third week of school, the oldest is already up to his usual shenanigans. I don't know what it is about homework, but you'd think it gives him hives. That or he really enjoys being grounded... Football adds to the already out of control laundry situation. Washing practice uniforms, game uniforms, and girdles means that occasionally we're without socks or jeans to wear to school. It means towels are piled in a moist heap next to the washer. Classes for Mom means Dad has to shoulder homework duty by himself for a night, run the kids to practice, fix dinner (as he normally does),

A Rather Wet Day

We made plans back in July. We picked a weekend, then picked another when schedules began to conflict. Finally, we managed to coordinate our calendars and a date was made. They drove "down State" to spend the weekend with Grandma, just a few short miles from my house. Committed to the weekend, we could only watch the weather forecast and hope for the best. Of course, being Michigan, the weekend had little sunshine to offer. Determined to brave the elements - and hoping the rain would hold off until early evening as the weatherman promised - we donned our outfits and hit the expressway. We took some pictures in the "parking lot" and then headed toward the ticket gates. We were about halfway there when the first sprinkles appeared. Hoping the sprinkles would be the worst of it, we continued on. The sprinkles heralded the rain. Still, we had paid our money and looked the part, so we were determined to make the most of the situation. We shopped. We ate. We shop

Back to School in 2010

As much as we've been dreading the beginning of the school year, I must admit the first day went well. The boys got up with minimal moans and groans. Since their clothes and backpacks had been prepared the night before, getting ready was a snap. I even remembered to take pictures! Of course, this is the only picture of them smiling. The rest of them looked more like this... ..and this... After school (and a crazy busy day of work), the boys had football practice. While they were gone, I spent the first hour and a half at home filling out paperwork and checking homework. The joys of a new school year!