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Booktube - Why I Don't Post Like I Want To

As a reader, there's really almost nothing I like more than encountering other people who enjoy one of my favorite pastimes just as much as a I do. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Booktube community on Youtube. I lurked for a long time. Mostly, I found a younger crowd that seemed intent on discussing mostly YA books. Few were the horror, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, or romance readers. Eventually, I did discover one or two people who seemed to read more widely.  A few of my favorites (I've embedded their most recent videos because I don't know how to better showcase their channel):            There are several others that I follow, too, but to list them all would make this incredibly long. It wasn't long before I felt the desire to join.  I wanted a channel of my own.  So, I set up my Youtube Account with a second profile  and recorded my first couple of videos.  They are hideous.  I am nervous and blathering.  I was also using my i