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My Week of Walden

Okay, I'll admit I've never read Thoreau's Walden.   That doesn't prevent me from thinking I know what it's about, though.  It's about a guy who goes off to live in the woods near a pond and does some crazy, in-depth self-reflection, right?  Or are his thoughts more of a contemplation on humanity, society, and culture? Maybe he just needed some time alone to write? Maybe I should read the book or change the title of this post because it's obvious my knowledge of the book is limited to a guy alone in the woods on the edge of a pond.  Nope.  I'm sticking with the title. Reasons why:   Reason #1: I vacationed by myself for a week.   Reason #2: There was a pond and a forest.   Reason #3 : I was writing! My week alone in the woods was spent in a lovely, modern campground with full hook-up, which means I had electricity, water, and sewage.  Temperature control.  A microwave.  Television. My fan. My computer.  Phone.  And chargers for all!