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So Proud

Millington High School Graduates. On their first day of Kindergarten we laughed about how many Open Houses we would have in the family come 2019.   We'd count off the names on our fingers: Gage, Keagan, Gavin, Trevor, Olivia, and Zach.  Five cousins and one honorary cousin that has been part of our lives since the day he was born. Fast forward through thirteen years of schooling and the day has finally arrived.  Our babies have graduated high school and are heading off to college, the trades, or the workforce.  They are leaving behind their childhoods and officially beginning their adult lives.  Sure, some, perhaps all of them, will continue to live at home as they start laying the foundation for the lives they hope to build for themselves.  But that doesn't change the fact that each of them is planning for a future that hopefully includes homes and families of their own that don't involve living in mom and dad's basement. These are smart, driven kids, ea

Body Politics: A Look at Politicizing Abortion

I'm going to make a very real effort here to set aside sarcasm and snide commentary.  The urge to include both is a temptation, so this little PSA is just as much for me as it is for you. As I write this post, the United States is gearing up for another contentious political season.  President Trump is in office and planning to run again. One lone Republican is not backing him, but is instead throwing his name into the ring as a hopeful GOP alternative.  Democrats are flooding the headlines with their plans to run for President; I believe there are 23 people right now who have declared. Yep, the electoral season is looming large, which means the manipulation of the masses is already in progress.  While I fully expect to see gun control become a much discussed topic in the coming months leading up to the 2020 election, right now the most divisive and vote-worthy topic is that of abortion.  Several states have decided to create laws that are ultimately meant to challenge and, if