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My Laziness Knows No Bounds

I = Lazy

Last night I turned into a pumpkin as soon as I walked through my kitchen door. I planted myself on the couch, grabbed the remote, and slowly tuned out everything that might possibly require effort and an extended attention span. Television, of course, doesn't count because, hello!, mind-numbing.

There are probably way too many commas in that last sentence. Oh, well.

I'm hoping tonight will be better. I'm hoping to get through the dishes, the laundry, and maybe even a bit of homework. No sense in saving all that work for the weekend!


  1. Hey Lazy... don't forget your workout!

  2. Tonight. I'm there. With bells on.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    It is ok to be lazy once in a while. It's the bodies way of telling you to slow down and relax....

    unless you are like that all the time, then it is just habit. But I know that you are not like that! ;)

    Hope things are going great!

  4. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Then you obviously don't know her very well.


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