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MayNoWriMo 2010

Classes are over. (And I did well! Go, me!) As I believe I've already told you, this means I get to read books off my to-be-read shelves. Science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, name it, it's probably on there. Very few of the summer reads I have planned could be considered classics. Oh, no. I'm planning to gorge myself on genre, thank you very much.

I also plan on writing.

While I'm shopping around the paranormal romance, I need to work on the next project. I can't let the writing gears get rusty. With this in mind, I decided to join MayNoWriMo. Unlike it's November sibling (NaNoWriMo), the May session allows you to set your own goals. So, if you know it's going to be a busy month on the homestead or at the office, you can take that into account.

At first, I was determined to add 30K to the work-in-progress.

Then came the epiphany. I have a terrible habit of protecting my protagonists. This tendency caused yet another false start…

I Think I'm Changing My Mind

While I doubt my love of paperback novels will ever die, I'm slowly reconsidering my stance on e-book readers. Just a few weeks ago I was all "I can't see myself ever owning one!". Now I'm thinking I might not have a choice. While most of the books I want to read are available at the local bookstore, there are some that are available only in e-book format.

This stinks. Mostly because I love paperbacks. First, they're perfect bathtub companions. Second, they fit perfectly into my hands and don't make my arms ache with muscle strain when I hold them. They also travel well in my purse.

E-book readers, on the other hand, scare me for a number of reasons.
They're expensive. They probably shouldn't be read anywhere near a bathtub.
Also, what about sand? I like to read at the beach, not swim. Unless it's really hot. Then I do both, just not at the same time.
While one may fit in my purse, just how well would it travel?
Could I break it? Paperba…

Did You Miss Me?

I'm a terrible blogger. I know it. The truth is I keep thinking about creating a new post, but then something bright and shiny distracts me. Like video games and new books!

While my guys were away on their guys-only fishing trip, I spent the weekend snuggling on the couch with the puppy. We watched movies, DVRed programming, and I read a bit. Mostly, though, I played Final Fantasy XIII. I think I'm finally through all of the tutorials. Boy, did that take forever! What I am not through with, though, is a stupid boss fight that I seem incapable of winning. I've attempted to get help with Walkthroughs and Youtube videos, but I've yet to beat Cid. The jerk.

On a happier and less aggravating note, I bought two new books over the weekend.

I have a feeling Soulless will be a quick read. The Lovecraft collection, on the other hand, will probably be a more drawn-out reading experience with lots of interruptions. I don't know why I can't sit down with an antholo…

A Recap of Easter

First, there was an Easter egg coloring extravaganza at Aunt Ronnie's and Uncle Troy's house. While the guys watched basketball, the three younger kids and the young-at-heart adults colored the eggs.

Then it was time to celebrate the two birthdays the family had missed in February and March. Ken actually got his cake and present a week early. While he wasn't that impressed with the cake (it has sugar in it and is therefore evvviiilll), he sure did appreciate the Crown. And the boy was psyched about the new Wii game his Aunt and Uncle had gotten for him.

The next day was Easter Sunday. The boys had us up around 7ish. After checking out the loot in their baskets (bubbles, matchbox cars, and lots of candy), they went on an Easter egg hunt in the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

After a leisurely morning, an early Easter dinner, and Ken's adventures in doing his parents' taxes, we headed over to my Dad and Connie's for a real Easter egg hunt. You know, t…

This Is Not An April's Fool

The iPod has been found.

Not that you necessarily knew it was missing. But it was. For two days.

Now, it is not.

Mostly because it's amazing what my kids are able to remember when there's something in it for them. While I was having panic attacks and straining my brain trying to remember where I "hid" the darn thing, the kids were blissfully unconcerned. Their interest was piqued, though, when their Dad offered them a $20 finder's fee. Suddenly, they were motivated to remember where they last seen it. Or used it, as the case may be.

Not that they're supposed to touch Mom's iPod. Oh, no. They have their own MP3 players they can leave laying around wherever they want. Mom's iPod is off-limits unless it's being used under strict adult supervision.

Unless Big Brother is left in charge, apparently. It seems they helped themselves to it while the hubby and I were off socializing Saturday night. While we were watching the UFC fight with the other…