MayNoWriMo 2010

Classes are over. (And I did well! Go, me!) As I believe I've already told you, this means I get to read books off my to-be-read shelves. Science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, name it, it's probably on there. Very few of the summer reads I have planned could be considered classics. Oh, no. I'm planning to gorge myself on genre, thank you very much.

I also plan on writing.

While I'm shopping around the paranormal romance, I need to work on the next project. I can't let the writing gears get rusty. With this in mind, I decided to join MayNoWriMo. Unlike it's November sibling (NaNoWriMo), the May session allows you to set your own goals. So, if you know it's going to be a busy month on the homestead or at the office, you can take that into account.

At first, I was determined to add 30K to the work-in-progress.

Then came the epiphany. I have a terrible habit of protecting my protagonists. This tendency caused yet another false start on the WIP. Not that everything is a complete waste. Thank goodness! But instead of keeping her secret hidden, I need it to come to light in the first chapter. By someone who takes offense to it. By someone powerful enough to destroy her and everything she loves. This will also give her a more logical reason to play for the other team, if you will.

Oh, I'm excited by the possibilities! Suddenly, the story is fun again.

Of course, I expect my sister, who also happens to be my writing buddy, to roll her eyes and shake her head. Maybe even say a few snarky words. But, Chrissy, I really need to make this change. It's necessary, I swear!

This means my original 30K MayNoWriMo goal has been revised and now looks like this:

1. Update OneNote folder info.
  • Update Character profiles
  • Rewrite short and long premises
  • Adjust personal and public stakes for central characters
  • Fix scene outline
2. Add 10K to starting word count (after the cut, of course).

Sounds doable, doesn't it? Sure it does!