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First Camping Trip of the Summer

First camping trip of the year! It was fairly memorable, too.  Here's a quick recap in pictures.

We were making "hobo pies" for dinner.  Pizza, I think.  We had a set of the pie makers, but with as many kids as I was trying to feed, I ended up borrowing my dad's set, too.  I put them in the fire to burn off any residue that might be lingering and then went back to buttering bread and spreading pizza sauce.  I forgot about my dad's set.  Kinda.  I mean I knew they were there, but I wasn't in a rush to pull them out of the fire.

Well, that was a mistake.  I had no idea these things could melt like this!  Lesson learned.

Also, I now owe my dad a new set of pie makers.

Oh, and this happened.  The kids found a fawn in the woods and brought it back to the camper.  We did pictures, tried to feed it some milk from a straw, and eventually put it back in the woods in hopes of mama deer reclaiming it.  By that night, there were two fawns and still no mama.

In hindsig…