I Think I'm Changing My Mind

While I doubt my love of paperback novels will ever die, I'm slowly reconsidering my stance on e-book readers. Just a few weeks ago I was all "I can't see myself ever owning one!". Now I'm thinking I might not have a choice. While most of the books I want to read are available at the local bookstore, there are some that are available only in e-book format.

This stinks. Mostly because I love paperbacks. First, they're perfect bathtub companions. Second, they fit perfectly into my hands and don't make my arms ache with muscle strain when I hold them. They also travel well in my purse.

E-book readers, on the other hand, scare me for a number of reasons.
  1. They're expensive.
  2. They probably shouldn't be read anywhere near a bathtub.
  3. Also, what about sand? I like to read at the beach, not swim. Unless it's really hot. Then I do both, just not at the same time.
  4. While one may fit in my purse, just how well would it travel?
    Could I break it? Paperbacks are durable. And cheaper to replace.

Yet, as I said earlier, there are books out there that I want to read that simply aren't available in print format. The only thing that keeps me from adding a e-book reader to my wishlist is the hope that the books I'm interested in will eventually make it into print.

Because, while I don't mind reading an occasional book on my laptop, it's not exactly the most ideal reading experience.