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So, I have this idea...

I would love to be part of an active book club, especially one that is comprised of eclectic readers.  Eclectic because that's how I define myself.  When it comes to books, I like it all.  Well, almost all.  fantasyscience fictionmysteryhorrorromancereally smutty romanceclassics Mainstream and non-fiction are exceptions, but they're not completely off the list.  I'll read them if I need or want to, but they're certainly not the first things I reach for when I'm itching for a good book. 
So, I'm looking for other eclectic readers.  People who are willing to read outside their comfort zones.
There are problems with book clubs, though.  One of the most important things the group would need to do is to actually show up to the meetings and, I don't know, participate.  With the crazy, busy schedules we all seem to have this can be a very real stumbling block.  This is why I'm thinking I'd like to participate or create an online book club.  
Did I lose you?

Silver Lake State Park and Sand Dunes

We're home!  The house was 82 degrees and a little stuffy after a week of inactivity, but compared to the 99 degrees registering on the truck's digital readout, it was downright comfy.  Right now, I'm sitting in my basement uploading pictures to Flickr, playing Castleville and browsing Facebook posts.  
Figured I should probably take a few minutes to update the blog before trying to get the family to agree to watch one of my DVRed shows - I'm thinking Eureka or So You Think You Can Dance. 
We had a fantastic week.  The weather was hot and humid, but at least our campsite was well shaded.  What it didn't offer was grass.  It was impossible to keep the kids or the dogs clean.  Every night the kids feet were black and the dogs were dirty and dusty.  Even after we decided to move Dexter's cage/kennel fully onto the rug, he'd end up with dirty paws from walking down our stretch of the campground road whenever he'd need to tend to his business.  
The campgrou…