A Recap of Easter

First, there was an Easter egg coloring extravaganza at Aunt Ronnie's and Uncle Troy's house. While the guys watched basketball, the three younger kids and the young-at-heart adults colored the eggs.

Then it was time to celebrate the two birthdays the family had missed in February and March. Ken actually got his cake and present a week early. While he wasn't that impressed with the cake (it has sugar in it and is therefore evvviiilll), he sure did appreciate the Crown. And the boy was psyched about the new Wii game his Aunt and Uncle had gotten for him.

The next day was Easter Sunday. The boys had us up around 7ish. After checking out the loot in their baskets (bubbles, matchbox cars, and lots of candy), they went on an Easter egg hunt in the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

After a leisurely morning, an early Easter dinner, and Ken's adventures in doing his parents' taxes, we headed over to my Dad and Connie's for a real Easter egg hunt. You know, the kind that happens outside with a dozen cousins. The only one missing was my nephew Christian; I don't think my sister got her messages, or if she did, she got them too late. (Way to go, Dad, on waiting until the last minute to let us all know..)

Before eating hotdogs over the campfire for a late "supper", I snapped a few pictures of my brother's family. Isn't this the cutest?

As you can see, our Easter was rather busy, but also full of fun. I hope yours was, too!