Did You Miss Me?

I'm a terrible blogger. I know it. The truth is I keep thinking about creating a new post, but then something bright and shiny distracts me. Like video games and new books!

While my guys were away on their guys-only fishing trip, I spent the weekend snuggling on the couch with the puppy. We watched movies, DVRed programming, and I read a bit. Mostly, though, I played Final Fantasy XIII. I think I'm finally through all of the tutorials. Boy, did that take forever! What I am not through with, though, is a stupid boss fight that I seem incapable of winning. I've attempted to get help with Walkthroughs and Youtube videos, but I've yet to beat Cid. The jerk.

On a happier and less aggravating note, I bought two new books over the weekend.

Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate, #1)

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Dark Tales (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading Series)

I have a feeling Soulless will be a quick read. The Lovecraft collection, on the other hand, will probably be a more drawn-out reading experience with lots of interruptions. I don't know why I can't sit down with an anthology and just read it straight through, but I can't. Instead, I'll probably read one or two stories before picking up a novel (probably one in a completely different genre). Then, when I'm finished with that novel, I'll either pick up another novel or return to the anthology for another sampling.

I do this with my Poe anthology, too. Weird, but true.