Collaboration Update

So my sister and I have started working on our project. We've both done a bit of research and have each started writing. She's handling the prologue, which sets up the heroine's disfigurement and introduces the villian. I've written the first chapter from our hero's POV.

Here's a small snippet from what I've completed so far. Before you read, please keep in mind that this is subject to change, un-edited, and likely full of typos. Also, if you're the delicate kind that blushes, you may find some of the language a tad bit strong.

It didn’t take him long to find them. A small, spring-fed pond lay nestled amid a cluster of trees. Through the tree line beyond the pond, he could see that the last of the sun’s glorious rays had faded into bruised purples and blues. Overhead the moon shone in a sliver of silver and reflected off the rippling water of the pond where the Healer and her pet played. He caught a silhouette of the woman as she pushed herself up off the bottom of the pond, tossing a stick overhead for the dog to retrieve. The animal, already submerged to its neck, paddled faithfully after the missle.

The image of her slender frame, the jut of her breasts, and the graceful length of her spine curving down toward hips and an ass that never quite cleared the water had been branded on Sebastian’s mind. However inappropriate, lust filled him. As she sank back into the water her hair fanned out behind her, carried by the eddy of the currents her movements had created.
He wondered what color her hair was and if her face would be as perfect as the rest of her. As if in reaction to his unspoken thoughts, she shifted and her profile came into view. He found himself stirred by the curve of her cheek, the shape of her lips and nose. A water-nymph could not have been more alluring.

A deep, blood-curdling growl reverberated on the air mere seconds before a clear warning bark shattered the idyllic scene. The dog, its massive body sluicing through the water, had noticed Sebastian and had began swimming towards the shallow bank where Sebastian stood.

The woman gasped and submerged herself until her chin touched the water. Her hair spread out even further across the flowing surface, long tendrils snaking away from her body. Keeping herself hidden by the opaque water, she drew a swath of hair over most of her face, neatly obscuring his view.

The dog scrambled up the slope, its short fur bristling and its teeth bared in warning. Water slid off the fur, pooling around the dog’s feet as it came to a halt at the crest of the small hill. Its muscles bunched as it prepared to launch itself at Sebastian in defense of its mistress.

Sebastian knew better than to make any sudden moves. He had grown up with dogs. His father’s greyhounds had been high-strung and snappy. Startling them had resulted in more than one unfortunate scrape.

Maintaining eye contact with the dog, Sebastian directed his words to the woman moving steadily, if slowly, away from them. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I didn’t mean to intrude, but I need your help.”

Controversial Topics

I think I know why traffic here is so slow. I'm not controversial. I don't post or, more importantly, argue my personal views on politics, religion, or anything else that could remotely be considered a "hot topic". I don't post anything revealing. Not about me and not about my family. I shy away from mentioning work. I avoid bad-mouthing people if I can. I rarely rant.

What I do post are updates on activities concerning me, the boys, and my hubby. This, my friends, amounts to the ultimate in boring blogs.

Damn, that sucks.

But do I want to write entries that will stir up more than casual interest? Do I want to risk the flame wars and name-calling? Do I have the energy to not only present my views but to fight to support them? Here in blogland I'm not terribly concerned with swaying popular opinion, or defending my buying into popular opinion if that's the case.

Oddly enough, in person, I'm very open. Some people might even consider me out-spoken. More so when you make the mistake of asking me for my opinion. And trust me, I always have an opinion. Doesn't make it right, doesn't make it well thought out, but I guarantee I have one on almost any subject you'd like to discuss.

Want to know what I think about the Governor? Ask me over a cup of Chai.

Want to talk religion? I'm all for it as long as I can look you in the eye.

Want to know who I'm going to vote for come the next Presidental election? I'll tell you and defend my reasoning as long as we can do it over lunch or dinner.

Yet, here in this very public forum, I avoid these topics. I stay safe. I stay boring.

And no one ever comments. Considering my non-confrontational blogging style, this really shouldn't come as a surprise. So to all those who do take a second or two to comment on any of my inane posts:


She Gave Him Flowers

My kindergartener brought home a bouquet of flowers today. Not one filled with roses or lilies. Not one dotted with baby's breath or bursting with daisies. No, this lovely little bouquet is one of weeds. They were a gift from one of the little girls in my son's class. She picked these "flowers" for my cute little man and, to make sure they lived through the school day, she put them in a cute little bottle with a pretty green label.

Now, I don't know if you can see the label all that well or not. On my screen its a tad bit small and a little out of focus. So, here, let me read it for you:




secret grove

body massage oil

On the reverse it reads:


Massage all over body and

discover how exciting touch can be.

Great for sensual and intimate massage.

Yes, a Kindergartener brought a glorious K*Y vase to school. A vase my son carried onto the bus and showed to all the ladies at daycare. Can you believe they asked him if he had gotten the bottle from me?!?! I laughed when the daycare lady told me that. And laughed some more. Then I went out to the car and showed it to my hubby, who said "You should take a picture of this when we get home."

I know some people may not find this funny. Perhaps it's my twisted sense of humor but I think it's a hoot. I bet the little girl's mom has no idea what her daughter used for a vase today. I'm sure she either grabbed it in a hurry or told her daughter to grab something - anything - just so they could get out the door and on their way to school. Then again, perhaps she doesn't even know flowers were on the agenda and her daughter stashed the bottle in her bookbag and picked the "flowers" on the walk into the school building.

But can you imagine her reaction if she were to discover her daughter had passed along that used up old bottle to a little boy at school?


It is okay to admit to feeling envy? Wanting what someone else has isn't an aberration in human nature. I'd say just the opposite. I'd say its normal. Perfectly normal in fact.

Oh, be quiet. You know you're guilty of this particular little sin, too. Don't even try to deny it!

So, here's my list of envies...

1. The stay-at-home mom who gets to spend the early years at home with her babies.

2. The mom who works and doesn't feel any guilt.

3. Stay-at-home authors, aspiring or published.

4. The friend who actually finishes his or her novel. I envy your ability to find or make the time for your writing.

Those are the biggies. Those are the most frequent envies I suffer. Especially number 3. That one seems to follow me around 7 days a week.

Oh sure, there are a multitude of smaller envies I feel. Like when I don't have the cash (or time, as the case may be) to stop at Starbucks and grab a Chai, but that person over there has both the time and money! Envy!

Or..I notice how adorably some random stranger's shoes match her outfit and I wish I had more than a few standard pairs of shoes that I force to go with everything. I wish I had cute little orange sandals to go with that ONE shirt I bought last year. Envy!

Or..I catch a glimpse of a family playing together at the park while I'm shuttling my kids off to daycare. I can't deny wishing I were the one relaxing under that tree, watching my kids scamper around the playgound equipment. Envy!

Now, be honest and tell me about your envies, big and small.

Happy Easter

We've had a full weekend at the ole homestead. Saturday morning the boys and I got around and went to my in-laws' church for an Easter egg hunt. Because we had snow--yes, snow!--on the ground the hunt was moved indoors. It was a freakin' madhouse. I'm telling you right now there were some serious fire marshall violations going on. But, it all ended well. The boys each got a baggie full of candy, which is really all they cared about in the first place.

After stopping at the grocery store on the way home to buy a carton of eggs, we made a pit-stop at the house so I could boil said eggs. Then we went to my sister-in-law's house to color eggs and have dinner. This is another one of those annual holiday traditions for us. Every year we head over to her place to do the eggs. This year was slightly different, though, because my hubby had a bowling tournament and my mother-in-law had just had surgery a few days prior and couldn't make it. So the house seemed a bit quieter this year.

Then it was the Easter Bunny's turn. All I had to was get the little buggers to bed. Needless to say, the hoppity fella managed to bring way too much candy yet again. At least this year he tempered the amount by buying a movie, too. So after checking out baskets this morning and finding all the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden around the living room, we settled down to watch Happy Feet.

After church (the hubby and the oldest boy begged off), we just had to get ready for dinner. Lucky for me, hubby did all the cooking! We even had a dinner guest this year. My dad shared the meal with us and hung out for a little while--you can always tell when his lady love's giving him trouble.

All in all, it was a great day. I hope yours was half as pleasant!

The Results Are In

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We had parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday. I'm happy to report they are both doing well. This is such a relief. I figured the little guy was doing just fine, but I was a bit anxious about our 3rd grader. He's managed to pull up his scores, though, and received mostly 2s (which means he earned anywhere between 89-70%). His only low scores were in spelling and writing, which wasn't really a surprise.

Knowing we had parent-teacher conferences this week I started calling the neuropsychology department that did the learning disability testing on Monday. The results were in but I had to wait to get them until the doctor had a chance to finalize the report. She finally called the afternoon of the conferences. In a nutshell, he has been diagnosised with ADHD combined type. No learning disability.

Believe it or not, this is great news! We can work with and around ADHD. She's not even recommending medication, which is good because the hubby and I are against mood-altering meds. Instead she recommended a book we should read and suggested a few things to help him adapt at school. The only other major concerns his testing raised were related to his spelling and writing, both of which are atrocious. She's recommended getting him in with the school's occupational therapist.

These weren't the only doctor results we were waiting on this week, either. My mother-in-law just had a melanoma removed from her calf. Although we are waiting on pathology, they believe they got all of the cancer when they removed the mole. The doctor's not even recommending chemo or radiation. What a blessing!

Now we just need to get my dad's cataract removed. He's got an appointment scheduled two Fridays from now. He'll need someone to drive him home, so it looks like I'll need to take a vacation day. But this is a minor surgical procedure and not really cause for alarm. The eye doctor says there's no damage to the eye, just the cataract.

Under Construction

I'm going to be playing with the look of the blog over the next few days. Just thought I'd warn you..