2020 Seniors

I only have three seniors that I've photographed this year: my nephew Mikey, my little cousin Harmony, and my best friend's niece, Jessie.  I wish I could say that I'm done editing all of their photos, but I wasn't able to focus on their pictures until after Christmas.  I spent most of the fall editing hundreds and hundreds of wedding photos.

Have I mentioned that I hate photographing weddings?  Well, I do.   They require so much time!  Not only do they require you to spend anywhere from 8-12 hours photographing everything and everyone on the day of the wedding, but then you have to weed out and edit hundreds of pictures.  Even if your brides are patient and kind, which mine were, there's a lot pressure to get pictures of the big day to them as soon as possible. 

Of course, high school seniors do have a couple of deadlines that I need to keep track of, too.  The first of which is the yearbook deadline.  The more photos they have to choose from at that time, the better.  In an ideal world, I would have had ALL of their pictures edited by the end of December, leaving them plenty of time to decide on their choice.  Unfortunately, thanks to those pesky weddings, that didn't happen and I feel bad about that.  

Not that I haven't been editing their photos.  They each have several they can choose from that I think would make beautiful yearbook selections. 

Even so, I still have a few hundred photos to finish up for both girls.  My nephew is nearly done, thank goodness!  Being a boy, he only wanted one very quick session.  Frankly, had I just taken pictures of him with his car and him with girl, he would have been happy.  His mom rightly wanted a few of just him. 

As for the girls, they have more outfit and location changes, many of which I've yet to edit.  My goal is to get everything to their moms by the end of February...wish me luck!

That Boy is Growing

With the holidays being past, my writing conference attended, and our Virginia trip behind us, there's nothing really left to distract me from Baby Watch 2020.   Tomorrow will mark the beginning of Week 28.  

That leaves...12 weeks to go.  Wow.  Three more months and baby will be here!

Mama is doing good even though she got diagnosed with gestational diabetes a week or so ago.  I was so surprised by this.  She is a tiny little thing, eats fairly healthy for a college student, and wasn't really having any major symptoms.  The only complaints she really had were early on when she kept getting dizzy spells.  I put that down to hormone changes, especially after they seemed to disappear or lessen a great deal after the first trimester. 

We're doing the best we can to help her succeed with the diet she's been given.  We'll know more after next week when she attends her diabetes instructional class. We should have a better idea then of the types of foods we can stock for her.

As the due date is fast approaching, we've also started working on redoing KC's bedroom.  Until he's done with college and able to support the three of them, he's going to be living at home with a baby in his room.  We started with putting together the very same crib he and his brother used as infants. It's in great shape and we were only missing one little spring, which is impressive given that it had been stuffed in the back corner of our attic for nearly 18 years.  (I'm sure Gage used it for a year or two after we moved in to this house.)

Next on the agenda...shelves!  With all the baby supplies they're going to need to store in his bedroom, he definitely needed some shelving put up.  Got to have a place to store all those diapers!

Changing Up My Annual Reading Challenge!

I'm going to change things up a bit this year and actually list the books I want to finally get to in 2020.  These are books that have been gathering dust in my basement bins as well as e-books that have been buried in my Kindle Cloud.

As per usual, I want to read 75 books in 2020.  But instead of letting myself pick out something to read based on their appeal in that moment, I want to make sure these books finally get read.

Let's start with the Kindle books first.  I have so many that I have bought from the Kindle Daily Deals listings that I really, really want to read.  Some of them are stand alone novels, but most of them are part of a trilogy or series.  In trying to determine which e-books to add to my Must Read in 2020 List, I've decided that any full trilogy must be on the list.  Let's see what we get!

I've already read The Bone Witch.  Just need to complete the trilogy.
I don't even know how long I've had these ones.  Yep, 2020 is the year!

I've heard so many people talk about this trilogy that I'm eager to read it, too. 

Another series that I've heard so much about.  

Now for some stand alone e-books.  I have so many to choose from that I think I will aim to read these twenty!  Wish me luck!

I tried to add a variety of genres to the stand alone selections.  I know that while I prefer science fiction and fantasy, I also need a palate cleanser from time to time.  I think the most daunting book in the stand alone collection is Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon; it's a massive beast at 1,168 pages!

Now for the paperback and hard covers that I want to read in 2020.  Getting that physical TBR down is even more important than working my way through the ebooks, but I have come to the realization that eye strain is a real issue nowadays.  So, I'm going to be reasonable about this.  While I hope these aren't the only books I read off the physical TBR, I'm prioritizing these titles. 

To help with this particular goal, I've moved all of these up to my bedroom and set aside a spot for them in the shelving in my desk.  It looks so neat and tidy!  I'm hoping it inspires me to read through these quickly!

Things Change

This is rough one to write about but I feel that nearly five years of laughter, tears, snuggles, and shenanigans deserve a moment of reflection.  Writing this might make me cry, but I've come to realize that future Krista will really appreciate looking back on the memories these two kids created as they grew from children into adults.

Yesterday, after a great deal of soul searching, these two decided that they had not grown together but apart, that they want different things out of their future spouses.  It was heartbreaking.  Is heartbreaking. 

But I am proud of them for being mature enough to be honest with themselves and with each other because it might have been easier to stay together and let resentment and frustration color their futures.

In honor of all they have shared, I thought I'd post a collection of pictures of them from over the years.  I have no intention of sharing this post with them during these difficult days of adjusting to be single for the first time since the end of 8th Grade.  But perhaps someday they will look back on these formative years and thank each other for all the lessons they taught each other about who they are as individuals and who they can and can't be in a relationship.

I love them both and wish them nothing but future happiness in whatever new relationships they enter into. 

We will miss having you in our family, Addi.