It is okay to admit to feeling envy? Wanting what someone else has isn't an aberration in human nature. I'd say just the opposite. I'd say its normal. Perfectly normal in fact.

Oh, be quiet. You know you're guilty of this particular little sin, too. Don't even try to deny it!

So, here's my list of envies...

1. The stay-at-home mom who gets to spend the early years at home with her babies.

2. The mom who works and doesn't feel any guilt.

3. Stay-at-home authors, aspiring or published.

4. The friend who actually finishes his or her novel. I envy your ability to find or make the time for your writing.

Those are the biggies. Those are the most frequent envies I suffer. Especially number 3. That one seems to follow me around 7 days a week.

Oh sure, there are a multitude of smaller envies I feel. Like when I don't have the cash (or time, as the case may be) to stop at Starbucks and grab a Chai, but that person over there has both the time and money! Envy!

Or..I notice how adorably some random stranger's shoes match her outfit and I wish I had more than a few standard pairs of shoes that I force to go with everything. I wish I had cute little orange sandals to go with that ONE shirt I bought last year. Envy!

Or..I catch a glimpse of a family playing together at the park while I'm shuttling my kids off to daycare. I can't deny wishing I were the one relaxing under that tree, watching my kids scamper around the playgound equipment. Envy!

Now, be honest and tell me about your envies, big and small.