Controversial Topics

I think I know why traffic here is so slow. I'm not controversial. I don't post or, more importantly, argue my personal views on politics, religion, or anything else that could remotely be considered a "hot topic". I don't post anything revealing. Not about me and not about my family. I shy away from mentioning work. I avoid bad-mouthing people if I can. I rarely rant.

What I do post are updates on activities concerning me, the boys, and my hubby. This, my friends, amounts to the ultimate in boring blogs.

Damn, that sucks.

But do I want to write entries that will stir up more than casual interest? Do I want to risk the flame wars and name-calling? Do I have the energy to not only present my views but to fight to support them? Here in blogland I'm not terribly concerned with swaying popular opinion, or defending my buying into popular opinion if that's the case.

Oddly enough, in person, I'm very open. Some people might even consider me out-spoken. More so when you make the mistake of asking me for my opinion. And trust me, I always have an opinion. Doesn't make it right, doesn't make it well thought out, but I guarantee I have one on almost any subject you'd like to discuss.

Want to know what I think about the Governor? Ask me over a cup of Chai.

Want to talk religion? I'm all for it as long as I can look you in the eye.

Want to know who I'm going to vote for come the next Presidental election? I'll tell you and defend my reasoning as long as we can do it over lunch or dinner.

Yet, here in this very public forum, I avoid these topics. I stay safe. I stay boring.

And no one ever comments. Considering my non-confrontational blogging style, this really shouldn't come as a surprise. So to all those who do take a second or two to comment on any of my inane posts: