The Results Are In

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We had parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday. I'm happy to report they are both doing well. This is such a relief. I figured the little guy was doing just fine, but I was a bit anxious about our 3rd grader. He's managed to pull up his scores, though, and received mostly 2s (which means he earned anywhere between 89-70%). His only low scores were in spelling and writing, which wasn't really a surprise.

Knowing we had parent-teacher conferences this week I started calling the neuropsychology department that did the learning disability testing on Monday. The results were in but I had to wait to get them until the doctor had a chance to finalize the report. She finally called the afternoon of the conferences. In a nutshell, he has been diagnosised with ADHD combined type. No learning disability.

Believe it or not, this is great news! We can work with and around ADHD. She's not even recommending medication, which is good because the hubby and I are against mood-altering meds. Instead she recommended a book we should read and suggested a few things to help him adapt at school. The only other major concerns his testing raised were related to his spelling and writing, both of which are atrocious. She's recommended getting him in with the school's occupational therapist.

These weren't the only doctor results we were waiting on this week, either. My mother-in-law just had a melanoma removed from her calf. Although we are waiting on pathology, they believe they got all of the cancer when they removed the mole. The doctor's not even recommending chemo or radiation. What a blessing!

Now we just need to get my dad's cataract removed. He's got an appointment scheduled two Fridays from now. He'll need someone to drive him home, so it looks like I'll need to take a vacation day. But this is a minor surgical procedure and not really cause for alarm. The eye doctor says there's no damage to the eye, just the cataract.