She Gave Him Flowers

My kindergartener brought home a bouquet of flowers today. Not one filled with roses or lilies. Not one dotted with baby's breath or bursting with daisies. No, this lovely little bouquet is one of weeds. They were a gift from one of the little girls in my son's class. She picked these "flowers" for my cute little man and, to make sure they lived through the school day, she put them in a cute little bottle with a pretty green label.

Now, I don't know if you can see the label all that well or not. On my screen its a tad bit small and a little out of focus. So, here, let me read it for you:




secret grove

body massage oil

On the reverse it reads:


Massage all over body and

discover how exciting touch can be.

Great for sensual and intimate massage.

Yes, a Kindergartener brought a glorious K*Y vase to school. A vase my son carried onto the bus and showed to all the ladies at daycare. Can you believe they asked him if he had gotten the bottle from me?!?! I laughed when the daycare lady told me that. And laughed some more. Then I went out to the car and showed it to my hubby, who said "You should take a picture of this when we get home."

I know some people may not find this funny. Perhaps it's my twisted sense of humor but I think it's a hoot. I bet the little girl's mom has no idea what her daughter used for a vase today. I'm sure she either grabbed it in a hurry or told her daughter to grab something - anything - just so they could get out the door and on their way to school. Then again, perhaps she doesn't even know flowers were on the agenda and her daughter stashed the bottle in her bookbag and picked the "flowers" on the walk into the school building.

But can you imagine her reaction if she were to discover her daughter had passed along that used up old bottle to a little boy at school?