My Summer So Far

Summers are one of the busiest times of year for our family.  Last year, we had a graduation party to plan, which meant we were redoing flower beds and cleaning up the yard for most of May and June. Sure, we still managed to get some weekends away in our camper, but not nearly as often as we have been able to do this year.  And the summer isn't even over yet!  We've got at least another month, possibly a month and a half, of good camping weather ahead of us.

Our Home Away From Home

Look how clean the campsite appears in that picture!  That's not normal.  Ken and I rarely camp by ourselves, which means there's usually chairs, shoes, and empty cans everywhere.  Normally, there is a group of trailers or even tents filled with our friends and family nearby. In fact, now that I stop and think about it, I think this upcoming weekend may be the first time this summer we're camping solo...unless you count the fact that we're camping at the same place the youngest boy is having football camp.  I'm not counting it because we'll be in one area of the campground in our camper and the kids and coaches will be at the other end in the cabins.  Far from where I'll be reading and sleeping.

Because, other than walking the dog, that's really all I do while we camp.

Okay, so fine, maybe I play corn hole, a frisbee game or two, and enjoy tubing down a lazy river on a sweltering summer day.

And, yes, I'm the photographer 99.9% of the time.

Of course, camping isn't all we've done so far this summer.  We also managed to sneak in a family vacation to the Boston, Massachusetts area, too.  We went with our best friends and their two boys. Driving from Michigan to Massachusetts meant we could stop at Niagara Falls if we took the Canadian route, which is exactly what we did.