Poor Little Doggie

The dog and I both had dentist appointments yesterday for teeth cleanings.  While my appointment turned up a crack in a couple of old cavities, one of which will require a crown (ouch!), I was at least able to walk out of my appointment without feeling miserable.  Not so for this little fella..
Cash's cleaning turned into a tooth-pulling frenzy.  He lost a total of fifteen (15!!) teeth yesterday.  The rot was so advanced in some of the teeth that an infection had spread throughout his little mouth and into his blood stream.  If we wouldn't have taken him in to the vet for this cleaning, we may have lost him.  According to the vet, the infection would have eventually worked its way to his heart and given him a heart attack.

For the next five days he's on a liquid only diet of chicken noodle soup and water; he is not happy about this decision and is convinced he's starving to death.  There is a lot of whining and pacing back in forth in front of the closet where his food is stored. 

He's also on a ten day, three times a day, regiment of antibiotics.   For now, we're crushing the tablets up and mixing them in with his soup.

This treatment did not come cheap.  While I'm glad we didn't wait any longer than we did, especially as waiting could have had some pretty serious repercussions, this kind of bill right before the biggest shopping holiday of the year was not well timed.  Not to mention we have a child celebrating his eleventh birthday this weekend with a couple of friends at the movie theater. 

Yes, that reads $332.  Ouch.

Good thing we love the little furball.