Some Thanksgiving Humor

This post was inspired by a Book Riot post. Given my love of both wine and books, I thought I'd poke a little fun at myself.

The first glass of wine....

I'll probably go with something safe because I will still be sober.  I'll try to persuade my brother- and sister-in-law to read this science fiction book because its 80s pop culture references are not only fun, they're a bit nostalgic.  Also, there's a puzzle to be solved and who doesn't love puzzles!

Ready Player One

The second glass of wine....

I'll still be sober.

After finding out if they're watching the new Super Girl television program, I'll move on to other iconic female characters, which would remind me of a book I read recently that retold some of the most famous princess stories.

The SIL will humor me, while her hubby wonders if the wine has already gone to my head when I try to persuade him to read it, too.

The Stepsister Scheme (Princess, #1)

The third glass of wine...

I'm going to be feeling this one.  Wine is potent.

However, I won't have forgotten that suspense/thrillers/action/adventure stories are a big hit with at least a few of the readers in the room.

I'll mention my latest library book loan.  I'll ask if any of them have read any of the series and, when they tell me they haven't, I'll get overly enthusiastic about the reasons they should start this series. Perhaps obnoxiously so.

Then I'll start thinking that I should reread the series myself because, wow, fantastic.  I'll check my Goodreads account to see how many of the early titles I still own.

Motive (Alex Delaware, #30)

The fourth glass of wine...

Thanksgiving dinner will help counter the wine, but not fast enough.  I'll start thinking about the book I'm struggling to understand and then I'll start talking about it.  I'll completely ignore the fact that I am the only person at the table who would even consider picking this one up.

Someone should tell me to eat more and talk less.

The Satanic Verses

This book is a landmine.  Sober, I would not bring it up.

The fifth glass of wine....

Everyone is suggesting we play a game.  This is probably because of the last book I mentioned.