Reading Selections

One of my favorite ways to spend a break at work is to look through the Amazon Kindle freebies.  I tend to gravitate toward the science fiction and fantasy categories, but occasionally I find myself looking through the literature, suspense, and romance lists.  This daily addiction has led to quite a collection of self-published and indie books in my Amazon Cloud Reader.

Now, I know that some of those books will be terrible (not necessarily the ones pictured above!).  They may not have been edited. Typos could abound.  Plot holes.  Bad characterizations.  Cringe-worthy writing.  I know this because I've seen it.  I've opened more than one of those freebies and, after a few pages, I've realized I can't continue reading because, while the premise may have been promising, the author rushed to publication.  

Yet, I also know that there will be gems waiting to be unearthed.  I've found them.  I've enjoyed them.  I've been impressed more than once.  More than one self-pubbed author has managed to get everything from sentence structure, voice, and tone to characters, plot, and theme working cohesively.  These things working together create a splendid reading experience.  

This is why this year in addition to the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge that I am participating in, I want to challenge myself to read at least ten self-pubbed Amazon Kindle Freebies.  But I want to take this challenge one step further.  I am going to try to give each of those as-of-now mystery books a post of their own here in order to help the author spread the word about the book they've created.  

I'm hoping to have the first review up by the end of the month.