Getting Started With Scrapbooking

I sent a friend of mine a list of supplies today that I thought would help her get started on one of my favorite hobbies: scrapbooking!

She made the mistake of expressing an interest and saying she'd like to join our little group on our annual scrapping trips.  I almost feel sorry for her husband because he has no idea what's in store for him as she starts building her supplies....

The list I sent was text only because I was using FB messenger and didn't want to bombard her with a flurry of links to Amazon or JoAnn Fabrics.   Yet, the pictures are so very helpful when you're shopping for supplies you're unfamiliar with, so here we are.  On the blog.

I tried to keep the list as minimalist as possible.  These are the things I consider necessities when you're preparing to scrapbook your favorite family photos. 

  • A scrapbook to put the completed pages in.  I started with this because knowing your album size helps you determine the size of paper you're going to need to buy. 
12 by 12 scrapbook album that says live, laugh, love

  • Paper.  I love the big, pretty packs that you can buy at JoAnn Fabric's for 40-50% off if you can manage to shop there on the right day. (As I'm typing this both of these packs are 50% off.)
  • A cutter. There are lot of options, but this one packs up nicely when it's time to store it. 

  • Scissors.  Mine aren't this colorful, but now I wish they were.  How cute are those!?

  • Glue.  Lots and lots and lots of glue.  Variety doesn't hurt either. 

  • That's the starter list I gave her.  Did I miss anything?