Summer Recap

Hello, world!  Terrible blogger here!  It's been awhile, but I'm in the mood to share, so I thought I'd put together a little recap of our summer adventures.

We started camping in late spring and didn't stop until Labor Day weekend.  I'd love one last trip, but I'm not sure that will be possible with Gage's football and my teaching schedule.

I also was lucky enough to be sent out to California for training.  Even better?  My mom decided to make a six-hour one-way drive to come spend some time with me while I was "nearby".  We went to Disney and the San Diego Zoo.  It was great mother-daughter time.

In the middle of all this camping fun, but after my trip to California, we also managed to squeeze in a concert.  This year's headliners were KISS and Def Leppard.  In order to avoid the need for a designated driver (or three), we decided to rent a party bus.  The trip down was fine; the trip home was not so great.  We ended up with two stranded groups on our bus because their limos/party buses were red tagged by the DOT and, being tagged, could not give their paying customers a ride home.  Our group, being the awesome people we are, said "sure, we'll give them a lift."  Boy, was that a mistake!  We had a drunken crazy woman on the ride that put many of us on edge.

On the bright side, Def Leppard was as amazing as they always are.  I only got to hear about three KISS songs before I had to go searching for my husband in the parking lot.

What else?  Oh, Ken and I had an adult's only trip.  We spent the weekend on Troy and Ronnie's boat. There may have been a party involved.  A really big party.