Almost NaNo!

Midnight tomorrow.  That's when NaNoWriMo 2013 begins.  Of course, given the fact that I have to work the next morning, I'll be in bed sleeping instead of writing those first few lines of fiction.  The start to my NaNoWriMo journey will have to wait until either my lunch hour or, if that doesn't pan out, sometime after work. 

There's a chance that the hubby and my boys might be watching our local football team in their second playoff game, which would leave me with some quiet time at home.  Not that it matters.  Even if they're home with the television blaring, I will write.  I'll try to stay social, try to stay engaged with the family, but if it takes a little alone time to find the right words, then alone time I will find. 

As November 1st approaches I feel pretty confident in my ability to make some solid progress on the story. I've got EverNote documents of various sorts.  Organization, I hope, will help get me through the rough draft. 

Not that I have everything all mapped out.  I don't.  I expect there will be many surprises as I work my way through this next installment of what I think will be a five book series.  However, knowing where the story has already been is an absolute necessity.  Contradicting myself in print would be quite the embarrassment, one I sincerely hope to avoid.