Deadwood & Mt. Rushmore

In reviewing my previous posts, I realized I hadn't finished documenting our big family vacation this year.  I still had two more posts to go when I got sidetracked by school and all things shiny.  

First in line is Deadwood, South Dakota.  We didn't spend a lot of time here, just a couple of hours at most.  We were on a mission that day to get to Mt. Rushmore and, finally, the Badlands.  Deadwood was just one of those destinations that I really wanted to see just to say we had seen it.

It's just as touristy as I thought it would be.  They even have a street performance, which we glimpsed from our car windows as we pulled out of town. 

If we had had more time, I would have conned Ken into staying for the shows later that evening because that's just the kind of nerd I am.  Okay, and perhaps my overlong exposure to historical romance novels has somewhat romanticized the Wild West.  Add to that the HBO series and how could I resist?   

Unfortunately, we picked a rather tame time to visit the town.  We did some sightseeing and shopping, but little else. 

Admittedly, my enthusiasm was not matched by the men in the family.  Of course, the boys might have enjoyed it more if our timing had been better and they had been able to watch the reenactments.  Also,  had Ken and I been childless, we might have enjoyed a few hours of gambling, but we couldn't very well leave the boys sitting on the sidewalk while we dropped coins into the slot machines or threw the dice a few dozen times. 

So, we packed up and found a hotel for the night that would take us a little bit closer to Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands.   

Rushmore was a drive-by.  We didn't enter the park.  Luckily, this view was visible from the highway and my zoom lens was in good working order. 

Perhaps not the best angle, but it works.  Rushmore. Done. 

Next on the hit list...the Badlands of South Dakota.