The Cabin

Our cabin was located on the Clarks Forks of the Yellowstone River in northern Wyoming.  In order to get there from Cody we had to take the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. It was a twisty ride through the mountains.  It was also very beautiful, especially to Mid-westerners who rarely get to see mountains up close.

We made a few stops to admire the scenery, but not often.  By this time - day three - we were more than ready to get to the cabin and stretch our legs.

One point of interest: when they say print the maps and directions, they really mean it.  GPS does not work in the mountains..or at least, not in these mountains.  In fact, cell service became pretty much non-existent as soon as we left Cody.  The only time we got bars or 3G/4G was when we were at designated areas within Yellowstone.

While we were at the cabin we turned to each other and the electronics that didn't require internet services for entertainment.  I read on my Kindle.  Ken played on his tablet.  The boys played on the DS or watched movies on my laptop.  The boys and Ken also tried to snag a fish or two out of the river.  It was raging, though, with melt-off and not exactly ideal for fishing. They still tried.


These pictures might not be the best proof of how fast that river was moving, but this video might give you an idea of how fast the water was moving.  

I know the video doesn't do the cabin justice.  Everything is so distant.  This is why I couldn't resist adding these more detailed pictures.  The cabins deserve the attention, certainly a lot of thought and effort went into building them.

Did I mention Zig built them?  They had a saw mill right there on the property.  At the risk of chasing off my more conservative readers, I'm going to say it:  Zig is a bad-ass.  And Mallie was just as amazing.  How could I think otherwise after watching her run the back-hoe?

One last thing about the cabin before I move on to Yellowstone itself.  On one of our walks, we stumbled across this.

Did I mention there are grizzlies in the area?  And wolves?  After seeing these not too far from the cabins, just a little walk up the river's edge, I was happy to have Mallie's bear spray hanging off my wrist.